Springing into 2018

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else” 

Pablo Picasso




Hello all it is the first day that it really feels like spring so I thought I would share with you what Home Thrown Studio has been working on in the new year.  I took some time off from the studio in early January to have some time to reflect on 2017. During this time i've taken some time away from the computer and back to the bookcase for some page turning off my favourite books, one being Picasso's paintings & Sculptures.

Picasso's late work in ceramics under the hot sun of southern France has refocused my attention towards a more playful response to clay and vessel making. This year I am focusing my attentions in expanding my ceramic ware  collection and working on a new project with funding from AUB that will see some new designs being used for home  decoration.  As Picasso's quote above I'm pretty sure it will start in one direction but come summer will have turned into something else entirely. But I am excited about what may come of it! I am currently in the experimental stages but promise to share with you the progress as it unfolds. 

Time for Tea - January is all about kicking back and reflecting on the year gone by! Oh and drinking copious amounts of hot beverages! (Wine at night) 


It's been pretty cold in the studio this year and I really wished I had shares in tea, fresh coffee and biscuits as i've consumed a lot of all three not forgetting the frequent strolls to the fresh pretzel hatch that has just opened up the road. 

Inbetween throwing, I've been taking some quiet time out reading some lovely books whilst sipping tea from my trusty sip cup! 

These are my current top reads; 

Wabi Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams

Picasso Painter & Sculptor in Clay by Marilyn McCully

Urban Potters Makers In The City by Katie Trediggen

David Hockney by David Hockney 

A variety of sip cups in all sizes are available at the click of a button on my webshop



Join Our Home Thrown Mud Throwers Club

It has been a great start to the New Year welcoming lots of new
mud throwers to the Studio, we are now booked up until the beginning of May, but please get in touch if you are looking for some therapeutic mud making fun, we would love you on board. 

Summer Dates for Beginners Mud Throwers Class

Thursday Evenings - 6.30pm - 9.00pm

4 week course - Model Making, slab building, coiling,
pinch pots, glazing &  basic wheel throwing techniques. 

May 3rd - 24th 2018 = £100 

June 7th - 28th 2018 = £100  

July 5th - 26th 2018 = £100 

*Full time students 20% off*



I hope you have all had a great start to 2018, and are excited about what it may bring! Better get back to the potting!  Gem xx

photo captured - Medium Format / potra160 - Clemens Majunke

photo captured - Medium Format / potra160 - Clemens Majunke