DIY Sunday - Home Thrown is GROWING

I can't believe I have been at The Factory Studios for a year and a half and what started as a tiny space to throw mud and develop my style has grown now into a bigger space to throw mud! And even better news I now get to share the fun with other mud throwers. 

The Factory Studios is growing to, with the scrap store moving out, the space has grown and currently under going lots of renovating! So I thought I would join in, with an extra metre or so of space, it was about time I started on getting more shelves. Now I know we are going through extreme changes at the moment, so I do not want to sound over the top, but talk to any potter and they will probably tell you that after the necessities; clay, wheel, kiln, or we desire are SHELVES and lots of them! 

Last Sunday I got busy, with the help of a well accustomed DIY friend  (thanks cheers) we got busy with a saw, some nails and plenty of snacks and tunes.  Making Home Thrown a little more at home! It's not finished but excited about the prospects of more shelves and the much awaited Glaze Test Wall.